Where and When I am speaking as well as what topic.  
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Women in Business Leadership

Thursday September 29, 2016
SPEAKING ON:  Niche Market & Dominate Your Competition

NPC Physique Competition

November 12, 2016 (Max Muscle Virginia East Coast)


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Cheryl Spangler

I am open, I believe in sharing, this site encompasses all that is me, writings, inspirations, thoughts, my personal interests and where you can find me, what I love and sharing that with others, teaching things I have learned and encouraging others to share with me.  

My mission in life is the following:

To Lead and Inspire Others to Go For Their DREAMS by Going For Mine, to Love and be Loved Extraordinary and to Try to Give More Than I receive - Life Will Show Up in Extraordinary Ways"

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Always, posting new poems weekly! Feel like requesting a poem?

BOOKS (in progress)

"5 Steps to Living an Extraordinary Life" ...In the works

"Manifesting with the End in Mind" ...in the works


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