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Hi, I'm Cheryl.
an elite online real estate broker consulting agency Owner & mom
After experiencing years of obstacles in my real estate business and brokerages and realizing that there was a better way to build and automate a real estate brokerage with four easy steps:

1. Identify Goals & Ideal Agent Alignment
2. 80/20 Persuasion & Nurture Blueprint
3. Automatic Agent Enrollment System
4. Tracking & Optimization

I am an author of many Amazon Best Seller Books on real estate and business mentor ship, Inman Connect Speaker, have been featured in major media outlets around the world and am working on an app that will enhance the life of entrepreneurs called "ENLIGHTEN"

How Can I Serve More...
~ Cheryl
Meet Cheryl Spangler, Speaker
"Now Cheryl, she is a niche marketing genius, and knows first hand what it will take to build or RE-BUILD your business regardless of where you live or what economy we are in. But what really sets her apart is how she simplifies the process of building a business while at the same time creating a community of like-minded people supporting and encouraging massive growth from within.   Her leadership, courses and delivery methods on and off line speak for themselves, helping thousands of real estate professionals and business owners grow their business and their minds."
- Kevin Harrington, Founder of As Seen On TV and the Hit TV Show Shark Tank, a Famous Entrepreneur and Business Man.
"Cheryl Spangler has the experience and expertise to serve today's current market and teach others how to do the same.  To have the opportunity to learn form an expert while we are living in this Real Estate climate is like keeping a mentor in your pocket"
- Tami Bonnell, CEO, EXIT Realty Corp. International
"I have often said in my seminars, If it is not my GENIUS - it is not my job! These programs introduce you to the genius of Cheryl Spangler, making the complex simple.  Cheryl takes the sometimes complicated world of real estate and makes it simple for you to understand."
- Barry Spilchuk, Coauthor "A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul" and "The Cancer Dance"
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