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Written by Cheryl Spangler on July 21, 2019
LIVE with Tony Dante of "Stay Safe Urban Defense"
4 hour workshop with mothers and daughter learning self defense including topics such as: Date Rape, Behavior Patterns, Group Think, Situational Awareness, Practical Self Defense.
Aug 03, 201912:00 am - Aug 04, 201912:00 am
Lincoln Memorial to Arlington Cemetery
*Free to participate*
The Brian Bill Foundation will team up with 31Miles for 31Heroes in the 31 mile ruck through the night to honor the lives of the Heroes of Extortion 17.
OK, I haven't seen anyone ANYWHERE share this, and I HAVE TO SHARE!!!! because this shit is changing everything for me and... and it will for you too.
YOU will want to do this tonight for homework like I did a couple days ago when I heard it...
Written by Cheryl Spangler on January 17, 2019
Written by Cheryl Spangler on June 21, 2019
Let's Do Something Meaningful  Over Coffee...
Written by Cheryl Spangler on January 1, 2019
You're probably here because you've asked if we can meet for coffee. It's usually a chance to ‘pick my brain', learn more about my services (either because you're interested in hiring me or referring me to others)...