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I've learned more about consumerism, and researching products. I've also learned more compassion for people since watching "The Cheryl Show" because I've heard perspective from people that I would not come into contact with. And, it has been insightful to witness your understanding of others. (This all may seem very deep.) I also didn't realize that there was such a large network of people on Facebook LIVE> I've gotten more courage as a result. Still trying to grow my business without pressing people.

I've also made more healthful choices in my eating and feel much better as a result. I went to a local program called the Wellness Forum and have been focused on eating nutrient dense foods. So so important when it comes to energy.


I've been introduced to some of the most professional and prominent business mentors in a multitude of different arenas.
The Cheryl Show has connected me personally along with enhanced several business opportunities in my business which never would have surfaced with out her show.


Cheryl is accessible, has a flexible format, and interaction with her viewers is great. Cheryl is honest open and sometimes admits "newness" to what's being discussed. So, altogether, it's as much an exploration of something rather than a presentation of something.

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"I love 'The Cheryl Show' and tune in as often as I can! Not only is Cheryl a fantastic host, she and her viewers are very engaging. I've learned how to get my app idea onto the app store, I've gotten ideas for do's and don't on first dates, even how to turn my 'GREAT Mess into GREAT-ness'. Keep up the great work!!!" - Ben Benita

"Great Insight"

The Cheryl Spangler show, always provides a diverse spectrum of timely topics!

Cheryl , you have great insight and connection with the special guests you have on your show!

Highly recommend catching you”live” or at least on replay! 
Sending continued success ! Have an amazing day ! #michealbagger

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