Creator of enhanced Social Connectedness $ESC Token
Eternal Learner and researcher. Founder of Digital Millions Marketing. Author, Video Creator, Athlete, Business Owner, Speaker, Communicator, Tech-Curious, Techpreneur and avid reader.  My opinions are my own.


Founded $ESC Token

By Cheryl Spangler | 6 Sept 2021
Created the $ESC (Enhanced Social Connectedness) Community Token on the Cardano Blockchain launching Q1 2022. Representing Social Giving.

Mission-Driven NFT Launch

By Cheryl Spangler | 9 Jul 2021
Creator of Mission-Driven NFT collection called "WheelzUP" launching September 20, 2021 on Cardano. 100 unique Digital Assets (characters).

Online Marketing Automation

By Cheryl Spangler | 9 Aug 2019
How are businesses using online automation and retention campaigns to get and keep customers without letting go of personalized service.

Nationwide RE Lead System

By Cheryl Spangler | 10 Nov 2020
Created a system from scratch, marketing campaigns & launched a nationwide lead system for Real Estate Agents in the U.S. called "My Real Estate" for only 15% referral fee.

Non Profit Consulting Strategy

By Cheryl Spangler | 3 May 2020
Built systems, online marketing and lead acquisition system for consulting firm Advancement Tech Services, serving Non-Profit organizations in 10Mil+ donation category.

Online Community 170,000+

By Cheryl Spangler | 3 Mar 2019
Grew a community of over 170,000 members who participated weekly and engaged online...scaling our reach to an Amazon Prime Channel still growing today.

Author: Put A Shark In Your Tank

By Cheryl Spangler | 8 Aug 2018
Was named top innovator and co-authored "Put A Shark In Your Tank" with Kevin Harrington for building community in any industry regardless of where it is located both online and in person.

Miss Health & Fitness 2018

By Cheryl Spangler | 5 July 2018
Top contender for Miss Health & Fitness 2018.  six years in bodybuilding after age 40, being recognized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding with a double win at New York IFBB Pro.

Author: Multiple Offers

By Cheryl Spangler | 12 May 2013
Published a real estate tell all after 12 years of Real Estate Agent & Brokering in an attempt to eliminate the struggle of selling using high level negotiation and marketing techniques.

Cosine Communications IPO

By Cheryl Spangler | 6 Aug 2000
Cheryl was Instrumental in Product launch and marketing Pre-IPO for a successful public offering.  Tut Systems acquired Cosine Communications Inc for $24,100,000 in 2005.

Invent, Market & Sell Off

By Cheryl Spangler | 2 Feb 2016
Created and sold rights to "Life Coach Box" a subscription service for consumers to receive life coaching materials monthly. Re-branded and launched to the masses within twelve months

17 Million Using LinkedIn

By Cheryl Spangler | 22 April 2016
Podcast guest of "Let's Talk Marketing" describing my process of using FREE LinkedIn and outreach to entrepreneurs to obtain a 17 Million Dollar deal in real estate within 12 months.

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"In The darkest moments you find your strength and your purpose"  ~Cheryl


20+ Years of tech, speaking, creating, building, growing businesses, failing and succeeding.


  • Graduated Highschool: with every intention to become a court reporter/Stenographer.
  • ​My big dream was to become the Vice President of the United States: Later realizing they probably couldn't handle me  ;-) 


  • Lost my sister at age 24 from miss-managed Type-1 Diabetes: she felt lost and disconnected from al people.
  • ​Became a work-acholic: to deal with the pain of not having her in my life.
  • Marriage, Moving & Mourning: Started my spiritual journey in private that I now share openly on the Cheryl Spangler Show. 


  • Worked in Telecom as VP of Marketing: Helping to take company's IPO and managing the inside and outside communications.
  • ​Realized: Never had a life, I was working 16-18 hour days
  • Got Pregnant:  Best thing that ever happened 


  • Started a Real Estate Career: As a new mom (with 2 kids under age 3) 
  • Realized: I was working 12-16 hour days and 2008 happened
  • Market Crash, Short Sales, Divorce: The only thing consistent in my life was change.
  • Learned Quick:  The value of setting standards and automation


  • Started Bodybuilding: From mom bod to Bikini competitor to winning a double pro card with the International Federation of Bodybuilding at age 46 
  • Realized: age is truly just a number, and you can do anything if enough energy is given for a short period of time...then find balance.
  • Author: Multiple Offers, how to get multiple offers when selling your home regardless of the economy.
  • Learned Quick:  The value to saying "NO"



  • Started the Cheryl Show: Found my passion in connecting "LIVE"
  • Realized: Be careful who you let into your life and mind
  • ​Author with Kevin Harrington: Put a Shark In Your Tank
  • Experienced: Non stop failures in business and personal life 
  • ​My Son survived a motorcycle accident: Life became real clear 


  • Started Amazon Prime Channel: To Build community and empower
  • ​Connected with content creators who had a story to tell: reached out to endless producers & directors about how the entertainment industry is changing.
  • Success:  Is always there, but you must believe it exist and let go of fear, doubt, need, want and stop living in the matrix.


  • On a Mission To Impact Millions
  • Digital Millions Marketing™ meets the blockchain
  • Realized: The down times are to be cherished (COVID-19)
  • ​Lost my Niece to COVID-19 She was 8 months pregnant
  • ​Created the $ESC Community Token on Cardano Blockchain
  • ​Launched a Mission-Driven NFT set (of 100) on Cardano 

"It's Never too follow your dreams, And you are not alone"  ~ Cheryl

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