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20+ years in marketing, real estate sales and technology has enabled constant growth and a learner mentality. Taking Digital marketing skills to the blockchain and crypto market and passionate about helping people and businesses identify profitable use cases for both social impact and building wealth.


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Mobile APP "SecureBook"

By Cheryl Spangler | 21 June 2022
Developed an APP that differentiates Home Inspection Companies from the competition by integrating local professional "resource" section

Mission-Driven NFTs

By Cheryl Spangler | 9 Jul 2021
Creator of Mission-Driven NFT collection called "WheelzUP" launching September 20, 2021 on Cardano. 100 unique Digital Assets (characters). #GIVE

By Cheryl Spangler | 9 Aug 2019
How are businesses using online automation and retention campaigns to get and keep customers without letting go of personalized service. #COACH

Nationwide RE Lead System

By Cheryl Spangler | 10 Nov 2020
Created a system from scratch, marketing campaigns & launched a nationwide lead system for Real Estate Agents in the U.S. called "My Real Estate" for only 15% referral fee. #LEADS

Non Profit Consulting Strategy

By Cheryl Spangler | 3 May 2020
Built online marketing and lead acquisition system for consulting firm Advancement Tech Services, serving Non-Profit organizations in 10Mil+ donation category. #IMPACT

Online Community 170,000+

By Cheryl Spangler | 3 Mar 2019
Built a community of over 170,000 members who participated weekly and engaged online...scaling our reach to an Amazon Prime Channel still growing today.

Started LEAN IN Virginia

By Cheryl Spangler | 08 July 2018
LEAN IN is a movement original started by Sheryl Sanberg.  Lean In Networks connect groups of Circles and individuals. Lean In Virginia helps women achieve their ambitions in business.

Top 10% Inspire Fit Life Podcast

By Cheryl Spangler | 01 June 2018
For Fitness Professionals, Extremists, Bio-Hackers, Bodybuilders and/or woman wanting to Live Longer, Live Healthier, more Connected to Spirit, Awareness and Discover the "Secrets of the FIT Life".

Author: Spiritual Poetry

By Cheryl Spangler | 30 Jan 2018
Spiritual Poetry from the heart.

Author: Put A Shark In Your Tank

By Cheryl Spangler | 8 Aug 2018
Was named top innovator and co-authored "Put A Shark In Your Tank" with Kevin Harrington for building community in any industry regardless of where it is located both online and in person.

Miss Health & Fitness 2018

By Cheryl Spangler | 5 July 2018
Top contender for Miss Health & Fitness 2018.  six years in bodybuilding after age 40, being recognized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding with a double win at New York IFBB Pro.

Author: Multiple Offers

By Cheryl Spangler | 12 May 2013
Published a real estate tell all after 12 years of Real Estate and Brokering in an attempt to eliminate the struggle of selling using high level negotiation and marketing techniques.

Cosine Communications IPO

By Cheryl Spangler | 6 Aug 2000
Instrumental in Product launch and marketing Pre-IPO Silicon Valley Telecom Company Cosine Communications Inc. before being bought out by Tut Systems for $24MIL in 2005.

Invent, Market & Sell Off

By Cheryl Spangler | 2 Feb 2016
Created and sold rights to "Life Coach Box" a subscription service for consumers to receive life coaching materials monthly which was re-branded and launched to the masses within twelve months

17 Million Using LinkedIn

By Cheryl Spangler | 22 April 2016
Podcast guest of "Let's Talk Marketing" describing my process of using FREE LinkedIn and outreach to entrepreneurs to obtain a 17 Million Dollar deal in real estate within 12 months.

"In The darkest moments you find your strength and your purpose" 


20+ Years of tech, speaking, creating, building, growing businesses, failing and succeeding.


  • Graduated Highschool: with every intention to become a court reporter/Stenographer.
  • ​My big dream was to become the Vice President of the United States: Later realizing they probably couldn't handle me  ;-) 


  • Lost my sister at age 24 from miss-managed Type-1 Diabetes: she felt lost and disconnected from al people.
  • ​Became a work-acholic: to deal with the pain of not having her in my life.
  • Marriage, Moving & Mourning: Started my spiritual journey in private that I now share openly on the Cheryl Spangler Show. 


  • Worked in Telecom as VP of Marketing: Helping to take company's IPO and managing the inside and outside communications.
  • ​Realized: Never had a life, I was working 16-18 hour days
  • Got Pregnant:  Best thing that ever happened 


  • Started a Real Estate Career: As a new mom (with 2 kids under age 3) 
  • Realized: I was working 12-16 hour days and 2008 happened
  • Market Crash, Short Sales, Divorce: The only thing consistent in my life was change.
  • Learned Quick:  The value of setting standards and automation


  • Started Bodybuilding: From mom bod to Bikini competitor to winning a double pro card with the International Federation of Bodybuilding at age 46 
  • Realized: age is truly just a number, and you can do anything if enough energy is given for a short period of time...then find balance.
  • Author: Multiple Offers, how to get multiple offers when selling your home regardless of the economy.
  • Learned Quick:  The value to saying "NO"



  • Started the Cheryl Show: Found my passion in connecting "LIVE"
  • Realized: Be careful who you let into your life and mind
  • ​Author with Kevin Harrington: Put a Shark In Your Tank
  • Experienced: Non stop failures in business and personal life 
  • ​My Son survived a motorcycle accident: Life became real clear 


  • Started Amazon Prime Channel: To Build community and empower
  • ​Connected with content creators who had a story to tell: reached out to endless producers & directors about how the entertainment industry is changing.
  • Success:  Is always there, but you must believe it exist and let go of fear, doubt, need, want and stop living in the matrix.


  • On a Mission To Impact Millions
  • Digital Millions Marketing™ meets the blockchain
  • Realized: The down times are to be cherished (COVID-19)
  • ​Lost my Niece to COVID-19 She was 8 months pregnant
  • ​Created the $ESC Community Token on Cardano Blockchain
  • ​Launched a Mission-Driven NFT set (of 100) on Cardano 

"It's Never too follow your dreams, And you are not alone"  ~ Cheryl

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