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In college Cheryl pursued a degree in Computer Information Systems and quickly realized her passions were in marketing and sales.  She went on after obtaining her Bachelors degree to pursue a Masters In Technology Management from the University of Phoenix as well as a Masters in Telecommunications (partial degree) from George Washington University.  
Cheryl's success in real estate started in 2002 when she obtained her real estate license and within 6 years purchased a real estate franchise, bringing it profitable within 12 months, purchased another and within 3 years sold them all to open up her own independent real estate brokerage named FORBZ Real Estate Group.  This decision was to focus more on niche marketing and dominating the local market with creativity and massive results where she quickly one of the top marketing experts and was featured as a writer and speaker at Inman News, the industry’s leading source of real estate information.

The limitations and obstacles Cheryl encountered with building her own real estate businesses, dominating specific real estate markets and helping others do the same, created the birth of the Rich Niche Academy, who's sole purpose is to help real estate professionals step-by-step through the process of building a profitable and sustainable real estate business fast without overwhelm.

Cheryl has plans to grow this company and membership to a multi-million dollar venture helping real estate professionals around the world.
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January 2019 - New York
February 2019 - Florida
March 2019 - California
April 2019 - Boston
May 2019 - Virginia
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How can Real Estate Professionals like us, new the business or a seasoned real estate professional build a Profitable and Sustainable Real Estate business FAST without Overwhelm in less than 24 months. That is the question and THIS podcast has the answer.
RICH NICHE ACADEMY is one of the fastest growing real estate membership sites and was founded and created by Cheryl Spangler with the intention of helping new and seasoned real estate professionals build and grow their business step-by-step.
With a large on and offline following as serial real estate entrepreneur and an author, she recently published her book "Put a Shark in Your Tank" where she details the step by step process of building a profitable and sustainable real estate business fast without overwhelm.  Her online persistence to share everything she has learned has helped thousands of real estate entrepreneurs quickly identify their niche market and get their message out to the marketplace.
...for Women Entering Post Competition Life
You have spent a year, or many years(3,5,7) competing in the bodybuilding world.  Everything you knew and know about health, eating and fitness has been amped up 10,000 notches and you are amazing! But for whatever reason you have decided to move on, step away and start the life POST COMPETITION world.  I know...I know it doesn't even sound right, it doesn't sound like it's possible. 

"What do I eat?  How many times do I work out? Will my metabolism still function at optimum speed? Will I always react to foods so sensitively that my body bloats, holds water, gains massive weight or worse, shuts down on me? Will I ever wear the size I love? is that even healthy? many questions, so many answers and yet no one seems to focus on teaching, training, coaching, motivating and supporting on a coach level...

...The Post Competition Life!  

Welcome to my world!  I am here to help and I have been through all or a worse version possibly of what you might be thinking about "what life after competing would be like" but I am here to tell you it is just as amazing as when you were on stage and lean and strong and you are still all those let's go there is so much to learn!

Cheryl Spangler, IFBB Bikini Pro
KNOW 1000% if a Decision You are About to Make is The RIGHT One For YOU! ...

Intuitive and aware of all things, avid reader, researcher, I have pursued many avenues of spirituality, Christianity and followed and learned from many leaders. Certified Reiki Master, Certified in Transcendental Meditation and always evolving. There is one thing that I believe to the core and that is you can achieve anything, create anything, be anything you want or desire in life and transform yourself with your mind! "I believe that setting aside time to work on your mind in whatever way feels good to you can attract more success, love and money into your life than you ever imagined" I work with clients to assess the direction they are going in life quickly by becoming aware of the signs you receive from your intuition, (your gut feelings, your sixth sense...) mastering the awareness of those and acting on them along with practical methods to assess your current life choices and make the one that you KNOW without a doubt is the right one for you.

Join me... to life your life to the fullest feeling confident in your decisions and knowing they are for your highest and best interest. Together we will move down the road of Prosperity and away from lack and scarcity.  Everything you create in life begins with the thought of it!  So let's learn to master our thoughts and quickly change our outer experience (OUR LIFE). 
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Put a Shark In Your Tank:
Signature Innovator's Edition
Twenty-three innovators have been hand picked for their spirit, ingenuity, and tenacity. This is intended to provide their journeys as a guide for wherever your dreams and aspirations take you. Check out Chapter 4 for more about my "Rich Niche Academy" Helping Real Estate Professionals build a Protitable and Sustainable Real Estate Business FAST without Overwhelm.
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How To Get Many Qualified Offers When Selling Your Home, Regardless of the Economy
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Over the past 17 years, Cheryl has built a following of entrepreneurs in real estate, build multiple real estate business's based on her niche marketing mastery, founded the Rich Niche Academy for Real Estate Professionals and popularized the concept of funnel hacking for REALTORS.  The Rich Niche Academy helps real estate professionals build a profitable and sustainable real estate business FAST without Overwhelm.  Check out Cheryl's Podcast and Youtube for more about #FUNNELHACKINGFORREALTORS
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